♡ Choose from my Collections ♡


In my collection you’ll find a variety of exclusive designs. Choose the one that resonates with you the most!

I update my collection oftenly, so that way you always will find new motifs available.

My pricing structure is designed to be reasonable and affordable for the new generation of self-made small businesses.





SEMIEXCLUSIVE from 32€ v.a.t. not included
EXCLUSIVE from 62€ v.a.t. not included
PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE from 83€ v.a.t. not included
Learn more about my licenses here. Drop me an email for more info.

♡Let’s create together!♡

I believe each project is a unique opportunity to learn, create and grow together and support eachother.

If you already have an idea you can book my bespoke design services.

We will work together following your concept and your idea for creating a design you feel as part of you.


BESPOKE DESIGNS DEVELOPMENT 20,83€/h v.a.t. included
GARMENT DESIGN 20,83€/h v.a.t. included
TECH. PACKS FOR MANUFACTURERS 20,83€/h v.a.t. included
Learn more about my licenseshere. Drop me an email for more info.

♡What you say♡

”It is always a great pleasure to work with Patricia. The designs she creates are wonderful.She is super reliable, fast and flexible. It can´t get any better than this. I can recommend her 100%. -Melanie from hejhenri.” 

”Truly i’m blown away. Your customer Service is AMAZING ! Thank you so much for your visual Work ” ”I totally love your style and the mix and match” ”Happy to found you as Designer _Angela from Thea Fashion For Kids Designs” 

” I love that I now have options for both cotton ans cotton jersey designs in the same design. The stunning vintage floral print designed for Whistlebrook is so versatile.” ”Patricia is very talented!”